The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJM) NORISK possesses various forms of student scholarships, namely:

  • The scholarships funded by the Erasmus+ program (Erasmus Mundus Scholarships)
  • The scholarships funded by the Consortium (Consortium scholarships)
  • The scholarships funded by the Associated Partners (Associated Partner scholarships)

All applications for NORISK in the First Call will have the option to select the scholarships for which they wish to apply (Erasmus Mundus scholarships, Consortium scholarships or Associated Partner scholarships). In order to be considered for Erasmus Mundus scholarships, Consortium scholarships or Associated Partner scholarships, applicants must submit their full request in the First Call (see deadlines in ‘APPLICATIONS’). All scholarships will be attributed on a competitive basis according to the criteria explained in ‘APPLICATIONS’.


Erasmus Mundus scholarships are planned for students from the geographical origin listed below applying within the First Call. These scholarships are financed by the Erasmus+ European program and are organized as follows (supporting costs up to 25 800 EUR each):

  • Up to three scholarships per academic year for students from Programme Countries (roughly ‘Europe/EU’);
  • Up to seven scholarships per academic year for students from Partner Countries (roughly ‘rest of the world’);
  • Up to three scholarships per academic year reserved for students from Partner Countries, financed by EU external funding instrument NDICI (Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument;
  • Up to one scholarship per academic year reserved for students from Partner Countries, financed by EU external funding instrument IPA (Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance).

The Erasmus Mundus scholarships includes:

CONTRIBUTION TO THE PARTICIPATION COSTS Fully covered by the scholarship (9 000 EUR). The Erasmus Mundus scholarship holder shall not be charged with any type of tuition fee.
CONTRIBUTION TO TRAVEL, VISA, INSTALLATION AND SUBSISTENCE COSTS 1 400 EUR per month for the entire duration of the Master programme.

The scholarship will be a contribution to the costs incurred by the beneficiary students and shall cover travel, visa, installation and subsistence costs. It is calculated on the basis of a monthly unit cost for the entire period needed by the enrolled scholarship holder to complete the study programme. This period covers study, research, placement activities, thesis preparation and defence, in line with the requirement of the joint Master. During this period, the scholarship can only be awarded in full, and to full-time students.

Contribution to subsistence costs will not be given to the scholarship holders for study / research / placement / thesis preparation periods spent in their country of residence.

Programme Countries and Third Countries associated to the Programme

Third Countries not associated to the Programme (NDICI-Globel Europe, IPAIII-Instrument for Pre-Accession)


Consortium scholarships are planned for students from any geographical origin applying mainly within the First Call, financed by the NORISK Consortium itself.

Consortium scholarships are organized as follows:

  • Up to eight scholarships per academic year of 9 000 EUR (fully covering tuition fees)


Only students who have applied to and have been accepted by the NORISK Consortium in accordance with its specific students’ application and selection criteria are eligible for a scholarship.

Students with double nationality must specify the nationality under which they submit their application.


Contribution costs to individual needs of students with disabilities are also available by the EMJM NORISK. Therefore, the contribution costs for individual needs are eligible if they fulfil the general eligibility conditions. These contribution costs will be used for enrolled students (with or without scholarship) with disabilities (e.g. long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments), such as those related to the acquisition of special items or services (e.g. assistance by third persons, adaptation of work environment, additional travel/transportation costs).


Among other funding possibilities, there are government loans available. In order to apply for these many patrons require you to plan well ahead of your individual study schedule. We recommend starting scholarship applications 1,5 years ahead of the Master Application programme’s start.


To enrol in the NORISK programme’s starting in October 2024 you can apply for government loans. Many of the current students in enrolled in Erasmus+ programmes are financed by these sources, as Erasmus Mundus scholarships are limited to only a few. Government loans usually cover living costs and tuition fees (at least partly).

Current students of Erasmus+ Programmes are financed by (among others):

Canada (Home | Alberta Student Aid);
Colombia (| Colfuturo);
Denmark (State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme (SU and SU-lån) –;
Germany (AuslandsBAföG – die tolle Finanzierung von Vater Staat (;
Italy (Sito in Manutenzione (;
Mexico (Inicio – Conahcyt);
Norway (Lånekassen (;
Portugal (Funding @ Study & Research (;
Slovenia (Tuition and Funding – Study in SloveniaStudy in Slovenia).