The Master


The International Masters in Risk Assessment and Management of Civil Infrastructures – NORISK is a one-year 60 ECTS MSc that will be delivered by a consortium composed of four HEIs, University of Minho (PT), Polytechnic University of Catalonia (ES), University of La Rochelle (FR) and the University of Padova (ÎT), and supported by a committed group of 43 associated HEIs, industrial companies, NGO’s, R&D Institutions and Associations which will provide worldwide effective links with the industrial sector and international relevance to the EMJM.

The NORISK is a highly specialised Master focusing on risk assessment and management of civil infrastructures. The NORISK EMJM central objective is to prepare a new generation of technicians with solid basic training, within an integrative and multidisciplinary context, that allows them to operate in the risk analysis and infrastructure management market, exploring the common denominator that exists for all sectors of civil and critical infrastructures by providing optimized and sustainable solutions. Successful students will be awarded a master’s degree by the two Universities where they have completed at least 30 ECTS each (60 ECTS in total). The mobility track of students, based on their preferences, and considering an adequate balance among those different Institutions, includes the development of coursework in one location and the dissertation in another one – the curriculum is the same, no matter the student mobility track.

The programme also includes the Integration Week and the annual NORISK Workshop, where all students will meet in the other Consortium members that do not host any coursework on the corresponding academic yea. While the Integration Week is financially supported by the Consortium, the students may need to support the physical presence at NORISK Workshop – optionally they can also participate virtually. However, local sponsors will be perused to, at least, support partially the costs.