The NORISK EMJM will provide students with advanced knowledge and skills to work and develop a professional career in the assessment, management, reliability and risk analysis, monitoring, digitalization and intervention on civil infrastructures, particularly, those that support human activities and/or are considered as critical, such as the ones connected to the energy, transport, communications, water, health, defence and national security, banking and financial sectors, among others. In fact, risk assessment combined with concepts such as reliability, robustness, resilience, and sustainability, is a keystone to an optimized asset management, being transversal to all these infrastructures/sectors.

The NORISK will exploit the common denominators that exists in all these sectors by addressing risk assessment towards a better management. Therefore, the EMJM addresses the following key areas on the management of civil infrastructure, which are not being conveniently addressed in the general curricula of classic Bachelor and Master programs:

  • Risk assessment and management
  • Reliability and resilience
  • Management and decision-making tools
  • Monitoring and digitalization
  • Assessment and intervention.