An external advisory committee composed of international renowned Professors/Researchers in the and advice on the plan action to undertake for eventual improvements, on annual basis. Currently, the external advisory committee is composed by:

Paolo Gardoni

University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign, US

Professor, with a significant experience on teaching and managing teaching programs. Expert on reliability and risk analysis.

Shirley J. Dyke

Purdue University, US

Director of the NASA funded Resilient ExtraTerrestrial Habitat Institute (RETHi) and Editor in Chief of Engineering Structures journal. Expert on cyber-physical systems, and Damage Detection and Structural Condition Monitoring.

Albert P.C. Chan

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, CH

Chair Professor of Construction Engineering and Management, with large experience on teaching in several institutions worldwide. Expert on project management and project success, construction procurement and relational contracting, public private partnerships, and construction health and safety.

Robin S. Langley

University of Cambridge, UK

Emeritus staff at Cambridge University. Large experience in teaching. Expert on Complex, resilient and intelligent systems.